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Who am I

My name is Alex Douw

I study International Creative Business Developer at Cibap in Zwolle, The Netherlands.


My learning interests are Product design,

Spatial design, Graphic design,

Innovative technologies and Marketing.


If I would describe myself, I would say I am Creative, Experimental,

Curious, Enterprising.


I have been into creativity since I was young.

I am always curious to learn more and I am eager to find different ways to expand my knowledge.




More About me


I was born at the hospital in Amersfoort, The Netherlands.

When I was a few months old, we moved to Hasselt, close to Zwolle. I lived there for eight years.

Now I am 21 years old and I normally live with my parents in Hardenberg, near the German border.


In my spare-time I like to do sports, especially cycling and running. I also like to do photography and I am passionate about nature. Many inspiration sources come right out of nature. I think it is great to see how smart everything is build-up in nature.


Where I see myself in the future is still a good question. I think, from where I am now, it is possible to go into many directions after this. First I want to finish my study at Cibap and after that I could possibly go to an art- or design-academy. But maybe there will be other great opportunities that I get in the mean time.

How I look at it now, in the future I see myself designing great, innovative products for customers and for companies.


If you are curious to see some of the things what I already did, feel free to check out my portfolio at this site.






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