The concept of the Alex Douw Flowerpot is to grow your creativity. If you want to be creative and innovative, you need to take care of your creativity and feed it, just like a plant.


This "Alex Douw Flowerpot" I designed during my second year of cibap. We had to make a setup for our own brand and in that we needed a few products.

The idea for this product is to use it as a resume gift. When I want to apply for a job or an internship somewhere, I can send this before I actually go there. Then they will have a reminder of me at their desk.



When I first made this product I had red glasses. When I changed my glasses I also had to change it at the Flowerpot, because it has to be up to date :)


I made this product by making a 3D scan of myself and adapt it a little in SketchUp. (see below)


Finaly I 3D-printed the Flowerpot (right)

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