I had to make a logo design for my own brand.

During the first stage of the process, I started with looking at the customer (myself). I had to ask myself a few questions: Who am I? What are my characteristics? What is specific about me? What kind of stile do I like? etc. etc.


By the time I had this assignment I had red glasses for a long time. I did not know other guys with that, so I thought I wanted to do something with that feature.


I started sketching in my sketchbook with different shapes and finally a shape came out that spoke to me the most.

From dat handmade sketches I made a part of it digital to clear up how my thoughts went and to try out a few more shapes.



After this first stage of the process I went experimenting with typography. I searched to find the right balans between the shape and the text.

I also made impressions of a few products with the logo on it.

I wanted products I would use myself. As I like crazy socks I made these and some other wearable accessories, like a (bow) tie and a brooch for my jacket.

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Update 22-05-2018